True Colours Volvo

The Volvo body is made from steel and aluminum parts. By showing the true colours of these materials  a more pure relationship is made between the car as an objects and the surface. The materials used such as brass, copper, aluminum and steel all have their own oxidized colours. Normally cars are coated with paint to create a uniform skin. In this case the materials are sealed in an oxidized and pure
material form. This is a perfect quality for weight reduction and self healing surfaces.

The patterns in the design come from the chemistry world and show the formulas and element names of the various metals and patinas. One of the key points in Volvo identity is the safety construction. The various patterns reveal the inside structure of the car in the skin as both a pattern providing information on the construction and a decorative skin. Showing Volvo's true colours.

Year 2014
Material Copper/Aluminum/Brass/Steel
Commisioned By Volvo